MAP overview

The Magdalena Project has accumulated a unique, extensive and as yet unexplored archival collection of administrative, programme and marketing files and event documentation, dating back to its beginnings in 1986. The archive includes materials from over 100 projects and events that have been staged under the umbrella of The Magdalena Project in Wales and internationally. This unique resource has been stored in boxes in various locations in Wales; a large set of materials is temporarily stored in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University, where Greenhalgh has been a lecturer in performance studies since 2002. Since 2008 the Magdalena Project has also been storing digital archival material emerging from its projects.

Discussions with The National Library of Wales have recently got under way with a view to secure a long-term deposit of the archive in Wales.

As befits an artistic network, whilst the main material pertaining to the administrative homes of the Magdalena Project in Cardiff and Aberystwyth is gathered in Wales, much of the material linked to the international activities of the Magdalena Archive are currently dispersed across the many locations in the world at which these activities were originally staged.

The challenge now is to secure the long-term survival and accessibility of the Magdalena Archive, ideally in Wales, where the project originated; and to enable the incorporation (physically and/or digitally) of materials related to the network’s dispersed activities across the globe.