Making the Invisible Visible

A Workshop for Actors
30 May 2012 to 29 June 2012
ADPI- 33 Collingwood St Albion Brisbane
7:30 - 9:30pm (Wednesday and Friday's)
This workshop delivers a physical approach to actor training.

This course is a 5 week immersion into actor training that focuses on developing physical expression; physical clarity in action; and creating individual compositions. The audience reads an actor’s body in each and every moment, the more clarity the actor has, the more we believe in what we see and are affected by the work. This course looks at how an actor can make their inner world more visible physically, whilst retaining truth in their actions.

Scheduled two nights a week over ten sessions, this rare opportunity will enable 16 performers to undertake intensive physical training; investigate action using the neutral mask as a tool; and consolidate the learning through creating individual compositions. The purpose of this intensive training is to change habits, instil physical and mental clarity and stimulate creative flow.


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