Magdalena@35 - the interviewsTo mark the 35th anniversary of the Magdalena Project, we have produced a series of 35 interviews with women who have contributed significantly to the Magdalena since it began.

Subjective memories of specific events that we have either created or attended are distinct; these memories are like fragments of an individual patchwork and each patchwork has its own unique design. This rich array of voices, gathered together,  gives us a layered insight into a collective history.

These interviews and conversations include artists from 26 countries: Denmark, Argentina, Wales, Brazil, Romania, Norway, India, Germany, Belgium, France, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Serbia, Singapore, Cuba, USA, Italy, England, Switzerland and Spain.

The interviews were published during August and September 2021 – We hope you enjoy.


Click on a name to watch the interview: