Looking for Lago di Lecco, Ceremonial Launch

the Looking for Lago di Lecco project becomes books and postcard-bookmarks
14 May 2015
Club der polnischen Versager, Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin, Germany
A misunderstanding in a chat conversation sparked a three year quest into what the lake of licks really means
Suffering! (Jet, train and human lag traversing Berlin, New Zealand and Italy)
Death! (of false trails)
Love! (of all kinds)

After a long, quiet winter on the sofa I shall be emerging into high Spring with something aside from intimate knowledge of the infamous mutating virus...
on 14 May Looking will become Seeing, namely my Looking for Lago di Lecco project is becoming books and postcard-bookmarks

With a performance to launch them into the world

Hoping to see you there,

Sandra Sarala

See the books, Touch the postcards, Buy the poetry of experience
Thursday 14 May 2015
Doors 19:30
Start 20:00

Club der polnischen Versager

Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin, Germany
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