KX Space and Kryly Khalopa theatre declare solidarity with the protest of Belarusian people!

Theater Kryly Khplopa made an appeal in social networks in connection with the situation in Belarus

Almost 20 years "Kryly Khalopa" (till 2011 titled Free Theatre) was working in censorship conditions. The theatre started in 2001 and has been working as an activist project. The work of KX always joined art and critical view on the social and political situation in Belarus. As many representatives of Belarusian non-official culture we had to be partisans in our own country. For many years we had to show our performances to so-called “artistic” commissions. Our performances were forbidden. For a few years we were performing in Europe but not for our community in Belarus. The theatre had been existing for so long only because of the strength, energy, bravery of people who did it. Censorship has also hit many cultural professionals and journalists.

Today we go out on the squares and streets to say that it’s enough! We want to live and make art in a free country without censorship. We demand to stop repressions and violence! We demand to free prisoners of conscience! We demand to punish people who’re managing the beating of peaceful civilians on the streets! We demand new free elections! We are waiting for the changes!

Poster of Lena Davidovich

the poster says: together we can

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