Kryly Khalopa theater: 15 years.

Exhibition of posters.

The exhibition of posters of Free Theater and Theater "Kryly Khalopa" is 15-years history of the theater in the posters and at some instant it demonstrates the history of the development of the advertising of theatrical product in Belarus from 2001 to 2016. The exhibition is also a document-evidence of censorship, which subjected the performances of the theater. In addition to the posters are presented archival materials: press releases, stories, texts, Manifestos. The plan of the exhibition is focused on the demonstration of the ability of posters to become live evidence of social and political background of artist's life.

The exhibition is one of the first presentations of the theater archive. The theater sees collection, preservation and public demonstration of its documentation as socially valuable issue. This is either important for writing the recent history of Belarussian theater, or for the fixing of the conditions of existence and work of the artists in Belarus in the 2000s.