The Jasonites in Rehearsal

6 January 2013 to 18 January 2013
Odin Teatret, Denmark
For 12 days participants can follow Julia Varley directing 2 productions with The Jasonites.

Since Holstebro Festuge in 2011 The Jasonites (artists in residence at Odin Teatret) have been working with Julia Varley on two productions under the provisional titles of Banana Resurrection and The Poor Theatre. The first is a performance for families to be used in community and barter situations which will travel around Europe as part of the EU funded project Caravan on the Road; the second is developing from actors' material that avoids representation but searches for meaning through images and rhythm improvisations with buckets, barrels, metal pieces and water. Participants will follow the rehearsals to have an insight on the relationship between the actors who prepare material independently and the director's interventions in search of structure and narrative.

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