It's a real Coincidence

a cross disciplinary piece combining theatre, dance, sound and lights, about a statue of a woman coming alive, breaking loose and dancing within the elasticity of her imagination.

It’s a Real Coincidence, co-devised and directed by Gráinne O’Carroll and Sophie Kasser, will be presented in Germany in July 2024.
Show born between a windswept island off Ireland's western coast and a former textiles factory in the heart of Barcelona's industrial zone, through the universal language of gesture, this haunting performance gracefully weaves the tender beauty of cultural heritage with the piercing critique of contemporary feminism, always with an edge of humour.
Our next shows will be in Köln: at the Machbarschaft Petershof on July 18th & 19th (3 performances) and Verteilungstelle Kunst on July 20th & 21st (2 performances). Here is the Trailer.
It would be a pleasure to see you there!