A healing arts project

highlights from northern Thailand

We are happy to share our recent project in Northern Thailand. We had the privilege of collaborating with 10 local organizations that assist boys and girls who have been victims of trafficking. During the weeks of theatre training, we introduced new exercises, games, and scene-making to their counselors and social workers, which they will pass on to their youth. At the same time, we learned so much about working with traumatized youth, and the value of self-expression to uplift and release tensions.

Our deepest thanks to our partner, the New Life Foundation Centre, who selected participants and managed logistics, and the US Embassy in Bangkok for their support. 

Bond St Theatre in Thailand, 2024"Theatre can be a powerful tool for people to talk about their situation, to think about their situation, to do something about their situation." - Tara, a participant

We are inspired by the incredible organizations we met that are caring for women, girls and boys who have escaped abusive situations, many of them migrants from Myanmar, Laos and China and enduring mistreatment and poverty.

Working together, the 16 participants created four short sketches that illustrate the ploys that traffickers use to lure youth: posing online as someone else, luring with false financial rewards, and other tactics. In each scene, we focused on solutions - how to avoid entrapment and help others - reaffirming the importance of collaborative action in tackling social injustices.

Bond St Theatre in Thailand, 2024"I will use the skills learned in organizing activities for children, teenagers, and adults to reflect on various issues. I will use theatre to understand and empathize with the people I work with in the hospital." -- Benz, a participant

This sentiment echoes the impact of our work, reminding us of the ripple effects of theatre.

Thank you for your unwavering support in our mission to promote peace, human rights, and mutual understanding through arts programming that inspires and informs communities and advocates for social justice.

Warmest wishes,

Joanna, Michael, Casey, and the Bond Street Theatre team