Happy In My Skin

Fancy an early morning skinny dip?
13 September 2014
7:00 am pick up from outside National Museum of Wales, UK (see website for details)
Be one of 200 women running naked into the sea!

Happy in my Skin is an event for women of all ages, sizes and shapes. There is already a Nan biting at the bit to give it a go! Our wish is for women to join together and celebrate their bodies in a comfortable and secure environment, so whether you run, leap, or stumble into the sea; take a swim or a quick dip, whip your clothes off bold as brass or run for cover under the biggest wave, all are welcome. 

It's about bringing inspiring women together.
It's about sharing.
It's about celebrating our bodies.
It's about baring all.
It's about being cheeky.
It's about creating something special.
It's about making a difference.
It's about saying something.
It's about joining in a global debate.
It's about taking a stand.
It's about being fully expressed and free.
It's about inspiring others.
Its' about having fun.
It's about being happy in your skin.

For more information about this celebration, the body-confidence campaign it is a part of, and the 2015 calendar that will be created, please visit http://www.happyinmyskin.co/

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