Hand-Printed Woodcuts by Parvathy Baul

Online Art Auction
8 April 2022
We are delighted to invite you to the Online Art Auction of Parvathy Baul's original woodcut prints.

It's a unique opportunity to bid on some of Parvathy Maa's own limited edition handprinted artwork.

Click here to register for the auction: https://www.parvathybaul.com/auction

Parvathy Baul draws from a rich repertoire of symbolic figures, animals, persons that, as in the Baul poetry, whisper to us, in a twilight language, ancient wisdom. One shall meditate upon these images for a long time, before they reveal all of their beauty and secrets to the seeker.

Date and Time:

USA timezones - Friday, 8 April 2022
PDT: 6:00 pm
MST: 7:00 pm
CDT: 8:00 pm
EST: 9:00 pm

Other timezones - Saturday, 9 April 2022
Europe - EST: 3:00 am
India - IST: 6:30 am
Japan - JST: 10:00 am
Australia - AEST: 12:00 pm

Parvathy Baul Art Auction 2022

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