Another World Premiere from Women in Pregnancy
28 May 2013 to 29 May 2013
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Following the success of the 2012 pilot project Women in Pregnancy is delighted to present Gravida an exciting new work choreographed by Aleksandra Jones. Gravida is performed by pregnant professional performers Tanja Råman and Lara Ward both of whom took part in the 2012 pilot. 

Challenging conventional images of pregnancy Gravida Tanja and Lara portray a gracefully exquisite exploration of their own unique insights into pregnancy – judging by the rehearsal process the audience are in for a passionately affectionate and sometimes humorous performance!

The law of gravity changes during pregnancy: one for the mother and one for the child waiting in the amniotic foyer of life. Gravida is the dance of the two gravities performed as part of the Women in Pregnancy project’s exploration of the impact of pregnancy on womens creativity!

Tanja Råman, originally from Finland, said, ‘‘As pregnancy has such a huge impact on the female dancer and her career development, particularly in the freelance dance sector, it is still a major issue amongst dance professionals – many dancers leaving it very late to have children, if choosing to have families at all. It is therefore wonderful to be part of creating this work with the real focus on the pregnant dancing body – such a rare treat.’

The link below is to the trailer; it is truly truly beautiful.
The Women in Pregnancy blog documents the development and process of creating Gravida.
Further art works from the Women in Pregnancy project (2012) can be seen here on the Magdalena website:
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