The Grand Parade (of the 20th Century)

Double Edge Theatre
17 March 2013
The Meyerhold Centre, Moscow
4:00pm, 8:00pm
Russian Premiere of The Grand Parade at the Golden Mask Festival in Moscow, March 17th.

The Grand Parade depicts major events of the 20th century in a theatrical style inspired by Chagall’s kaleidoscopic vision of humanity at play, at war, and at rest. Trapeze, circus, dance, projections, and popular culture fill the height and breadth of the stage in a spectacle of history populated by people and animals in acts of grace and destruction. History is recounted with a variety of iconic images from film, television, and photography. Time both shrinks and expands as the 20th century unfolds in a dream-like rush of juxtapositions that include the ecstasy of landing on the moon, the frenzy of war, the skilled escapes of Houdini, the atomic bomb, Kennedy's assassination, and Hitler's brutalization of Europe among others.  The Grand Parade is about individual and collective experience of a period of history in which people developed knowledge that produced both great development and massive destruction. It is a work of memory, memorial, and celebration that shows us to ourselves and makes us consider where we are now by examining where we have come from.

The Grand Parade was conceived, designed and directed by Stacy Klein and co-created with ensemble actors Carlos Uriona, Matthew Glassman, Hayley Brown, Jeremy Louise Eaton, Adam Bright, and Milena Dabova. The Grand Parade creative team also includes composer Alexander Bakshi, sound and projection desiger Brian Fairley, furniture and wood designer Jeff Bird, mask designer Beckie Kravetz, puppet designer Carroll Durand, lighting designer Lucrecia Briceno, vocal and music director Lyudmila Bakshi, technical director Adam Bright, costumiere Amanda Miller, and associate lighting deisgner Anshuman Bhatia.