Global Emotional Dialogue

4-day festival presenting 3 solo female artists
14 May 2012 to 17 May 2012
Cafe Teatret
Three solo performers explore how emotions affect dialogue with the audience and the world they connect with.

During the four-day international festival GLOBAL EMOTIONAL DIALOGUE at CaféTeatret we present 3 award winning female artists. In 3 solo performances they explore how emotions affect the dialogue with the audience and the world they try to connect with in different ways.

Do you ever feel lonely or have trouble connecting to other people and the world? What happens when you cry in public? What can we do about all the terrible things happening in the world other than cry? What do we do when our own lives makes us cry?

From the stage Anna Mendelssohn, Brina Stinehelfer and Sanja Mitrović try to answer some of these question together with the audience.


Symposium / May 15 – May 16 2012

How Do I Feel?

- a symposium about emotions in global dialogue

In collaboration with the Continuing Education at the National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance we host an international symposium about emotions on display in the dialogue between audience and stage – you and me – and what effect the emotions have on our communication with others in a global perspective.  The symposium aims at exploring the possibilities of putting emotions on stage. The personal and global – micro and macro perspectives on the state of our world - are put on stage and reflected upon by many performers. How do I feel today? How can we communicate with those we don’t yet know? Will we understand each other? Will we be able to show how we feel? Do emotions draw us closer together or do they make us turn away?

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