Eros & Psyche

Myth & Theatre Workshop Festival
3 July 2016 to 14 July 2016
Château de Malérargues

The festival is structured around laboratory sessions directed by Enrique Pardo (morning) and voice classes directed by Linda Wise (afternoon) - with guest teachers and musicians.

Evenings are dedicated to performances, lectures and debates related to the work (voice performance and choreographic theater) and to the festival theme:  Eros & Psyche.

Eros & Psyche

The story of Eros and Psyche appears in The Golden Ass, of Apuleius (born 123 CE in Algeria). It is considered Antiquity's last great myth - the closing and conclusion of paganism. Apuleius' novel was considered to be the first novel. This implies that the novel, our main form of fiction, was a pagan mutation born with this love affair at its core!

We will discuss Psyche’s other names: Anima, Soul, Seele... her relationship with Eros (aka Amor, Love, Cupid...) and with Spirit. And a surprising guest: Pan!
For James Hillman, this was The Myth of Analysis. His book will be our main reference. Participants will receive extracts and bibliography.

Directors : Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise
Guest of honour: Anna Griève, Kaya Anderson and Amy Rome.
With Pierre François Blanchard, Daniela Molina & other invited lecturers, performers and teachers, tbc.


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