Delicatessen Monday

Reconstruction Women’s Fund
28 October 2013

This Monday, for you only, culinary magic from the wand of Reconstruction Women’s Fund. As the only women’s foundation in Serbia we shall present our campaign Uncork – Chip in a proper place!

We live in the times when we have to take care of ourselves, to care about others, to invest in changes and better social relationships. Sometimes we believe we don’t have much to give, that only the rich change the world, that our role is invisible and miserable.

The idea of local philanthropy is to inspire people to invest in better future, to build together relationships pleading for equality, solidarity, transparency and humanity.

With this year campaign Uncork – Chip in a proper place! we encourage and bustle our friends to think about investing in the future of women, women’s groups and in the only women’s foundation in Serbia – Reconstruction Women’s Fund.

Hence,  for this Monday prepare yourselves for a healthy, brisk, refreshing and creative menu.

Kitchen support in KC Grad will be given by sister groups ACT Women and BeFem.

DJ pult: Katarina Loncarevic (Center for Women's Studies)  & Maja Sajcic (Kvinna till Kvinna)

Price of the dish 100 RSD.



Zoe Gudovic
PR Menadžerka
Rekonstrukcija Ženski fond
Beograd, Vlajkoviceva 15
mob: +381 63 455 845
ofis: +381 11 32 22 751 fax: +381 32 35 592

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