The Creativity Door

four Mondays, with Helen Chadwick
8 February 2021

Waking up our creative juices through writing, drawing, singing, stretching and connection.

Helen ChadwickThis is the renamed "Wellbeing through creativity and connection" project. In the time of Covid, I have found that my well being has been deeply supported by connecting with others and being creative in parallel. In this workshop we will move between a brief stretch, some drawing, some writing, using our voice and using colour, with moments of reflection in small groups.

No prior experience of writing, art, movement or singing is needed. It is for each of us to do these practices in our own way. There is no pressure to produce anything marvellous or show it. This is simply a way to support ourselves to be creative, in the knowledge that others are making things at the same time. We will touch practices lightly, though we may wish one day to return to something we begin to create in these sessions. This is not about being an artist, it is simply about creating and how that experience can nourish us. And it is about nourishing our creativity.

Event Details

Four Mondays at 5-6pm: Feb 8th - Mar 1st on zoom. (I'll send the link the day before)
£25 for the four sessions.

Click here for tickets.


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