Berlin COMPASS Spring Equinox

Sun in the East
23 March 2012
PANDA nicht nur russisches Theater e.V. im kleinen Hof der Kulturbrauerei, Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin
Doors 20:00, Breadbreaking/Start 21:00
Greetings to all glad of the Spring! Come along and celebrate! a Multidisciplinary Performance Evening
Darkness and light in the balance with singing poet Sandra Sarala, smart and sexy song scientist Stereochemistry, ethereal and grounded philosopher Anja Zeilinger, oriental dancing blossom Antje Lossin, earth's fertility raisers, Ukrainian folklore singers Vero Massold and Dina Labinska, and bee amongst the flowers, virtuoso guitar massacre-ist Joe Czarnecki.


Anja Zeilinger is from Berlin but chose exile in Bavaria to have joyful returns. Her occupations are science, philosophy, art and various combinations of these.

Antje Lossin is a classical oriental dancer/bellydancer from Berlin and will take you to Egypt with FlowerAirline! Antje was born into a separated Berlin city, in a separated Germany.  Her forefathers came from a land in the west and used to eat frogs legs. After the wall fell she went to another country in the west and was introduced to the fine art of middle-eastern music. Back in Berlin she brought these two gardens together, meaningly two dance  forms. One, ballet, from the frog-fond land, the second, an ancient dance art from the land of the grand Pharaohs. These two gardens combine the love and creative energy which Antje draws on to make her flowers bloom.
Winner of the raqs sharki (classical oriental dance, bellydance) contests at the Fantasia Festival in London, December 2011, and the Oriental Summer Festival in Berlin in 2007; member of Catt Company, run by Horacio and Beata Cifuentes, who she has been touring with since 2007, and an oriental dance teacher at Akademie Cifuentes in Berlin since 2008.

Dina Labinska and Veronika Massold come originally from Ukraine and have been members of the Berlin ensemble Polynushka for many years. The international ensemble comprises eight singers, and is dedicated to the musical traditions of various regions of rural Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In 2003 Joe Czarnecki left the Colorado horse farm where he grew up to move to Berlin by way of a detour to Alaska where he worked in a fish factory to earn the money to live in Europe for a few months. His songs are as dynamic as the landscape where he grew up, powerful, full of twists and turns, played with clarity, emotions as big as Colorado stormclouds and a virtuosity that invites the listener to travel with him, fascinating stories told with jaw-dropping technique and an acoustic guitar.

Sandra Sarala left New Zealand over 14 years ago for Seoul and, via Moscow, Poland, southern Germany and rural Bohemia, ended up in Berlin in April 2002. A singing performance poet with a sideline in archaic East European folk song, she lives a luxurious yet primeval life on a small mountain in Berlin.

Stereochemistry – one-woman pop-cabaret madness, a Yugoslavian siren straight from the east for the Berlin COMPASS Spring Equinox Show! Check out what this harlequin with a music box instead of a heart has to sing & say! Join the cabaret and the harlequinade, in the only quarter of the year where the sun dominates the night more and more each day. Your excess baggage of ghosts, winter chills and doubts will be safely stored in Stereochemistry's Archive Box, an anti-Pandora box which is a home to all those things you don't wanna drag along, but cannot throw away. The rhymes and notes miss Stereochemistry carefully recorded and captured in the Archive Box will take care of your excess baggage, so you can travel light-hearted and enjoy the sunshine.

For more info about Stereochemistry and the Archive Box Project, visit:


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