Ay Ombe theatre International Retreat January 4-14, 2012 chile

Ay Ombe Theatre´s Performance Autology intensive
4 January 2012 to 14 January 2012
Miravalle & Pirque´s Fundacion O.
Ay Ombe Theatre´s International Retreat, a collective setting where we work our particular voices.

International Ay Ombe Theatre Retreat

January 4th-13th, 2012 Chile

4th-8th at Quillimari           

9th-13     at Pirque


Ay Ombe theatre ́s Performance Autology© creative process intensive. Performance autology©, a creative process based on the biography of the doer; devoted to the inner and outer universes of the practitioner.

The sources include biomechanics, meditation, silence as a vital element in the craft, yoga, biomechanics, self massage, Chinese calligraphy, video performance and consulting to your personal projects  (at any production level).

Open to all, regardless of level or discipline.

Reserve. Limited number of spaces available.

Imparted by Josefina Baez

For more information  ayombetheatre@gmail.com






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