Ave Maria

Julia Varley in rehearsal with Eugenio Barba
14 October 2012 to 21 October 2012
Odin Teatret, Denmark
Follow Eugenio Barba in rehearsal with Julia Varley for the solo performance Ave Maria.

Participants will follow the last stage of elaboration of the performance Ave Maria, which has been worked on since 2009. After the actor has prepared material and the director has intervened to create a structure, it is during the last phase that the performance starts deciding for itself acquiring its true physiognomy and sense. It is a rare occasion to witness Eugenio Barba working practically and be able to ask him questions about the choices made during a rehearsal. The programme can include meetings with various members of Odin Teatret and with its director Eugenio Barba; performances and work demonstrations by Odin Teatret and other guest performances; historical and theoretical lectures by the staff of OTA (Odin Teatret Archives), with films and videos from the archives.

FEE: 1.500 DKK (about 200 Euro) for the workshop including spartan lodging in the Odin guesthouse, free access to services (kitchen, laundry and internet), use of working venues and stage equipment. To be paid by 15 September 2012 once you have received confirmation of selection. Participants will be requested to help with practical tasks inside the theatre, including daily cleaning.

For more information and the application form, click here.

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