Announcing our new donations system

... a word from the Treasurer:

Hello all,

My name is Meg, I am the new Treasurer for the Magdalena Project and my first task has been to update our donation process, so I am here to explain the new system to you!

All donations go towards the hosting and maintenance of this website as well as the domain name registration. 

While in the past donations have exclusively been on a one-time basis, we are now also offering a monthly or annual donation model. This is to help us establish a more secure & consistent financial position for the maintenance of the Magdalena website. However, we know that everyone's financial circumstances are different, so you can still choose to donate as a one-off, or donate monthly/annually with as much as you like, from as little as £5 a month or year.

It’s very simple - simply click on the link below; select to donate One-Time, Monthly or Annually; select the amount you’d like to donate (or type in a custom amount); click "Next"; enter your name & email address; and finally pay either through your PayPal account or, if you don’t have one, using your credit or debit card. Whatever option you choose, you can cancel your direct debit any time via your PayPal account or via your bank if your circumstances change.


Regular donations of any kind are a huge help to sustaining the Magdalena Project website and more, so thank you so much for your contribution.

March 2023

Meg Ella Brookes 2023