Akua Naru: Nothing Without Women!

This year we keep spreading the voices of women who inspire and motivate us within our feminist philantropy programme. We had the privilege and honour to meet the great political hip-hop artist and activist Akua Naru.

Akua Naru had a concert on 26 of October 2017, within her European tour “When The Joy Comes”, and within the promotion of Sombor festival Terminal Music& Arts.

The tour was announced by the video for the new song “My Mother’s Daughter”.

Two days after the concert, Akua held a workshop in the Happy Women Club titled Meet, greet, exchange. The workshop was open for women only and all places were taken in no time, since each of us wanted to hear where Akua finds inspiration, what keeps her going and why joy and satisfaction are important in our lives. Akua soon made the space and atmosphere safe, and many women shared their struggles, fears and strength. There is so much pain accumulated in our bodies and muscles, pain we do not speak of but which just explodes when we find a safe space to express ourselves. It was empowering and motivating to spend time with Akua Naru.

We used the chance to ask her about money related issues too. Akua was brief and loud, and we are thankful to her for sending in her music the clear political message: Nothing Without Women!

I will just add: Nothing Without Black Women!

Why it is important to organize only feminist festivals or female gatherings?

As I said, because there is specific women’s experience, I mean, we live in the patriarchy and there are herstories that support the fact that women have been excluded, so of course there needs to be a space where women can be safe … there needs to be a space for women and that’s very important.

Do you think it is important to invest money both in women’s struggle and arts?

Absolutely, we live in a space in which basically almost every field, every industry is very much the boys’ club, is very male dominated – in the music industry, in the field of arts, various arts, whatever – so of course there are funds created to support women to try to level out the playing field, and where there is no money, there should be – to create opportunities for women to work and have better access.

Because there are sexism, sexual exploitation and oppression, so any effort of people organizing to shatter patriarchy and sexism – I mean – the more, the better.

What does the concept of solidarity mean to you?

Solidarity is people coming together based on shared ideologies and visions for what human beings could look like, what it could mean to be a human being on this planet…

Interview: Zoe Gudović

Transcription: Ana Imširović Đorđević