Afghan Women Speak Out through Theatre

We are launching an Indiegogo campaign to support Afghan Women's Voting Rights in preparation for the April 5, 2014 elections, and you can make a huge difference! 

This is a time of hope and possibility.  A new generation is voting for the first time in Afghanistan, and half of them are women.  Women's right to vote is a hard-earned victory, and yet many women are unaware of their right to vote.  

This is a time for crucial change.  In the past decade, women have made great strides, setting Afghanistan on a promising course. But conservative factions are working hard to reverse these advances and prevent women from enjoying the most basic human rights. 

The time is now to stand with the women of Afghanistan.  We are asking for your support to help our all-women's theatre troupes bring vital information to women who are isolated by tradition, location or incarceration. Your contribution goes directly to the women's groups!  To reach women across the country, we must raise $10,000.

Women's voice in government and participation in the election is essential to protect and advance their rights! 

"This theatre project has given me new courage to speak out!"
(Ayesha, member of Nangarhar Women's Theatre troupe in Jalalabad.) 

Bond Street Theatre has been working for Afghan women for more than 10 years.  We trained four women's theatre groups to create theatre -- by women, for women -- to spread the word about women's right to vote, why each vote counts, and how to register. They are a first in Afghanistan! 

These women are role models: they encourage women and girls to speak out. Theatre shows like these have a ripple effect through the community and a huge impact. 

In order to reach as many women (and men) as possible, we must raise $10,000.

Visit our Indiegogo page Afghan Women Speak Out through Theatre to donate! 

Please spread the word via email, Facebook, Twitter or actual face-to-face interaction!

Thank you for your support!  
The Bond Street Team and the Afghan Women's Theatres  

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Hooray!  We did it!  Thanks so much to all our generous donors!!      
Your support will make a huge difference to our women's theatre groups!  Women's voices will be heard! 
If you still want to contribute to this amazing project, you can! ...up to 11:59 pm PST tonight. The more we raise, the more women we reach!  All funds go directly to the women. 


Thank you so much for making this project a huge success!!!   

    -- the Bond Street Team and the Afghan Women's Theatres