spaces or the frame of the void
11 August 2012 to 26 August 2012
Teatro delle Radici
training and research meeting with Teatro delle Radici

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Having investigated in depth themes such as the use of the body, the creation of characters, the poetry of expression, the personal roots of creativity, voice and sound, the historic memory and the mask this year the international workshop of the Teatro delle Radici directed by Cristina Castrillo and Bruna Gusberti, will be focused on the use of the spaces and the way in which they are transformed and/or influence the creative act.



As well as the usual physical preparation and the development of the introspective world, which are at the basis of the creative techniques of the Teatro delle Radici, the attention will be focused on the many resources that a non conventional space of representation could offer to a creative action. Could any place be a performance space? How changes a scene changing what is around? Is there a particular space where a scene could be better represented? This new meeting will try to find the answers to many of these questions.



As always, the 23rd edition of the International Laboratory will be arranged in two parts:

  1. from 11 (arrival) to 26 (departure) August for those persons who have never worked with  the Teatro delle Radici.
  2. these will be joined from 17 August by those persons who have already taken part in session of International Laboratory I the last 5 years.

The pedagogic aspect will be directed by Cristina Castrillo, but the participation of special guests is also foreseen. There will also be some demonstrations of work, as well as conferences and video films.



  • the cost of the full laboratory is fr.1’000.- and fr.. 850.-  for the participants of the second part (see above)
  • the price includes accommodation, but not food ( the accommodation has kitchen facilities)
  • for those who do not need accommodation, the cost is fr.850.-  for the whole course and fr.750.- for those who will take part in the second part of the course.
  • together with your application you are requested to send:
    • e-mail to info@teatrodelleradici.net with the following information:
      name and surname/date of birth/ postal address/ telephone number/ e-mail address/ passport number/ nationality/ a brief summary of your activities
    • an initial payment of CH fr.450. to our account:
      Teatro delle Radici- N° 247- 419.338.01N- UBS (Unione di Banche Svizzere)- Lugano
      alternative information for the payment:
      IBAN.CH42 0024 7247 4193 3801N 
  • your application form will not be considered valid without the initial payment 
  • the balance will be paid in Swiss francs on your arrival


application deadline in 15th July  2012

Teatro delle Radici
viale Cassarate 4
CH-6900 Lugano
tel/fax:++41 91 922 09 44
e-mail: info@teatrodelleradici.net

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