6 March 2014
On March 6th theatre “Kryly Halopa” will present the documentary project “Chernobyl”. It will be presented for the first time in Belarus, in Brest.
On March 6th theatre “Kryly Halopa” will present the documentary project “Chernobyl”

 On March 6th theatre “Kryly Halopa” will present the documentary project “Chernobyl”. It will be presented for the first time  in Belarus, in Brest.

The official premiere occurred on the 7th of December on the International theatre festival “Maski” in Poznan with the support of Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

The documentary theatre is a genre which exists on the border of art and social analysis. The basis for the performance “Chernobyl” are the materials of two expeditions to the Belarusian part of the Zone of resettlement and Polessky Radiation Ecological Reservation, interview of the people who were evacuated after the Chernobyl accident, the documents relating to the consequences of the accident, compositions of the evacuated children, comments on the Internet-forums dedicated to the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Belarus.

German journalist Wolfgang Büscher, who went on foot from Berlin to Moscow, called Belarus the symbol of Eastern Europe, “cemetery of history”, “quarry of tragedy,” where the material’s just overgrown by grass” … We realize that the scale of historical catastrophes and tragedies that the Belarusians lived through is so great that the history of many events turns into a myth or, on the contrary, happens a replacement of painful moments of memory. At some instant, we recognized how important are the understanding and awareness of our history and present, as well as the creation of a modern history textbook of personal stories, which is without ideology, political motives and mythologizing. We’ve started a work on the project of documentary theatre “Histories of Belarus” and “Chernobyl” is its first chapter.

The performance is created in verbatim technique with the usage of the technologies of a multimedia theatre.

“…The performance “Chernobyl” – without doubts is the critical voice of the young generation. The mission is to wake up society consciousness and to induce the following conversation about the problem, which, in spite of 28 years, is still influence onto the life of people in Belarus. The director gives voice to the people who won’t be heard by anyone, speaks about the events, which haven’t waited for the public debate…” (Pawel Wrona)

After the performance there will be a discussion with the involvement of experts (ecologists, journalists).

Moderator is theatrical critic, director Tatyana Artimovich.

One of the components of the project was the children’s contest of drawings on the “Chernobyl” theme. The exhibition will be represented along with the performance.

More information about the performance

Time: 6.03.2014 at 7 p.m.

Place: The Centre of Culture and Leisure in South, str. Zhukova 1

Fee: 50 000 rub.

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