“the opposites"

31st international laboratory
17 August 2019 to 31 August 2019
Teatro delle Radici, Lugano
training and research gathering, conducted by Cristina Castrillo and Bruna Gusberti


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Our lab is now in its 31st edition. During this long journey, it has tried to constantly deepen different topics related to the need for a form of approach to a creative technique, but also and above all has given great space to the search for those personal aspects that determine one´s own expressive identity.

There are many topics and themes that have involved the many participants who have accompanied us on this long journey.

This year we intend to focus on the opposites, on those aspects of life in constant contrast, on the evidence of the two poles that live within us.



In addition to the usual work of physical preparation and development of the introspective world that are the basis of Teatro delle Radici´s creative technique, the emphasis will be placed on the elaboration of exercises and proposals that have as their center all those aspects that, in our body, in our thoughts, in our feelings, we know and intuit are in constant struggle.



The participants will be present throughout the whole established period.

Arrival: on Saturday 17 ( by 5pm.)/ Departure: on Sunday 31 (before midday).

As usual, the workshop foresees, besides the pedagogical approach directed by Cristina Castrillo, the presence of special guests as well as working presentations, performances and interventions on the topic.



° the cost of the full laboratory is fr.1’000.-

° the price includes accommodation, but not food ( the accommodation has kitchen facilities)

° for those who do not need accommodation, the cost is fr.850.-

° together with your application you are requested to send:

  • e-mail to info@teatrodelleradici.net with the following information: name and surname/date of birth/ postal address/ telephone number/ e-mail address/ passport number/ nationality/ a brief summary of your activities
  • an initial payment of CH fr.450. to our account:
    Teatro delle Radici- N° 247- 419.338.01N- UBS (Unione di Banche Svizzere)- Lugano
    other information for the payment: SWIFT : UBSWCHZH69A and IBAN CH42 0024 7247 4193 3801N

° your application form will not be considered valid without the initial payment

° the balance will be paid in Swiss francs on your arrival




Teatro delle Radici Lab 2019

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