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... a word from the Treasurer:

Meg Brookes, the Magdalena Project's treasurer, announces a new donations system that allows regular monthly or annual donations as well as one-off payments.

application deadline June 1st



Documentation of the work of Josefina Báez has recently been added to the Latino Arts and Activisms Collection at Columbia University. The archive includes photographs of her work and tours and her own photography, as well as documentation of the work of her theatre company, Ay Ombe Theater, and her students and collaborators.

Cora Herrendorf
26 November 1949 - 31 January 2023

Revered mbira player Stella Chiweshe, who performed and gave workshops at several Magdalena festivals, has died.

Some of you may remember Pete Brooks, who sadly passed away on New Years day.

Call for contributions

Call for contributions to a new series of four volumes on women's innovation in theatre, dance and performance.

Liebe Freunde und Freundinnen von Theater Unikate,
ich wünsche euch Gesundheit 
und den unbedingten Willen,
den Herausforderungen 
unserer Zeit -
ach, so viele sind es - 
immer wieder aufs Neue 

26 نومبر بروز ہفتہ میں نے 'ہلسٹیبرو'

کی چابی واپس کر دی۔ Særkærparken 144

'نارڈسک ٹیاٹر لابراٹوریم – اوڈن ٹیاٹرٹ'

وہ تھیٹر جہاں میں 1976 میں پہنچی تھی، اب میرا گھر نہیں رہا۔

میں 1 دسمبر 2022 کو 'یوجینیو باربا' اور 'اوڈن ٹیاٹرٹ' کے ساتھ، باضابطہ طور پر 'نارڈسک ٹیاٹر لابراٹوریم'

چھوڑ رہی ہوں۔

Bond Street Theatre is in South Africa collaborating with Rape Crisis Trust

In preparation for the UN’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and thanks to the support of Together Women Rise, Bond Street Theatre is collaborating with Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust for the second year.