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When I first came to Holstebro, Mette was the lovely woman who waited for me and transported me to the Odin Theater. I knew immediately that she was a special, warm and joyful soul. Love immediately poured out, and a unique woman moved into my heart.

In Hug with ZZ


Jana Korb is searching for interdisciplinarity and transcendence of traditional borders: by combining physical theater with circus arts, dance with aerials and new media… Thus she creates deep, condensed and touching theater pieces – using aerial arts as her physical expression and narrative.

What is the music of your roots? What kind of music makes you happy?
Music has always been part of my life, that universal language arousing the senses, soothing me and touching me, so intimate and accessible to everyone. So is a toilet. When these two important experiences are combined, they create a place fraught with communication and sensations, reviving feelings, dreams and awareness that our lives are all about encounter, passion, closeness, openness, fear, or goodness.


At the conference Reconference: rethink, reimagine, reboot held from 10 to 12 of April 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal, Zoe Gudović had the chance to hear many amazing women, including the great Arundhati Roy.

Zoe Gudović writes about her experiences at the Magdalena München Saison 2018 - collaborating with other Magdalena artists, living at the Villa Waldberta, and celebrating her birthday there.

Zoe Gudović writes about her experience of creating "DISSOCIATION", a performance installation in Das KloHäuschen, a former men's public toilet in Munich, Germany, that is now a contemporary art space.

Guatemalan feminist activist Sandra Morán is interviewed by Zoe Gudović at the conference "Feminist is the Colour of the New Class Struggle", in October 2018.

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