For Mette

When I first came to Holstebro, Mette was the lovely woman who waited for me and transported me to the Odin Theater. I knew immediately that she was a special, warm and joyful soul. Love immediately poured out, and a unique woman moved into my heart.

I had the opportunity during my last stay at the Transit festival to live with her, along with my dear support and friend Ana Wolf. We were real roommates, sisters, girlfriends. We had breakfast together in the morning, we sat up together late at night, when Mette was already asleep and snoring. She welcomed us into her home, so that I felt like I am in my own home, and only someone who is so open and has a heart a big as the universe can do it. It is the mette of an entire universe.

She has gone to join the company of the greatest stars of the cosmos, and is there to laugh, tell stories and spread joy, our Mette.

Ana Wolf, Mette Jensen and Zoe Gudovic.