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A week prior to performing Organic Theatre’s Flanker Origami at Transit 10 Festival, I start decluttering the house ready to become the digital stage for the performance on Thursday 9th June, when at 9am (UK time) we were to connect with the Transit artists and participants gathered in Holstebro, Denmark.

Bianca Mastrominico shares her experience of participating in Bodies:On:Live, the first online Magdalena festival.

Bianca Mastrominico reflete sobre o primeiro Festival Magdalena online, Bodies:On:Live.

Bianca Mastrominico reflects on the first online Magdalena Festival, Bodies:On:Live.

Adapting performance work and research into an experimental digital form due to Covid-19 affected not only the creative processes, but also the encounter between the three performers/researchers (Madeleine Worrall, John Dean and myself) who, having only met online, set up to explore how to retain liveness in (current) digital performance practice between August and October 2020.

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