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To the Magdalenas around the world, to those who were able to attend the first online Magdalena festival and to those who presented, shared and had a creative vision to light the path.

Thank you all for the gift of sisterhood and companionship. I am sorry I wasn’t post-human enough to be able to participate in all the events, but I did my best to follow the artists named in this reflection/recollection.

To the team, thank you for bringing me here, there, and somewhere in between on cyberspace.


Bianca Mastrominico reflete sobre o primeiro Festival Magdalena online, Bodies:On:Live.

Bianca Mastrominico reflects on the first online Magdalena Festival, Bodies:On:Live.

Adapting performance work and research into an experimental digital form due to Covid-19 affected not only the creative processes, but also the encounter between the three performers/researchers (Madeleine Worrall, John Dean and myself) who, having only met online, set up to explore how to retain liveness in (current) digital performance practice between August and October 2020.

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