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Dear ones,

It is with passionate sadness that I must tell you of Margaret Cameron's gentle passing on Monday evening at 9pm.

Some of you may already be aware that the cancer she beat last year returned in August and was very aggressive. Over the past three months she has been cared for variously by her artist family and her biological family - in the last month particularly by her son Yani, in whose arms she died.


In October 2014, The League of Professional Theater Women (LPTW) will honor Patricia Ariza, legendary producer, director, actress, playwright and poet who has worked on the front lines for justice and social change in Colombia for almost 50 years, with the Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award.

Queridas amigas y amigos:

Aquí les envío los enlaces de las galerías de imágenes del Festival que ha publicado el sitio La Jiribilla, una revista cultural virtual de nuestro país.

En la página principal de La Jiribilla podrán ver también artículos, comentarios y entrevistas en un dossier que prepararon sobre el Festival y han vinculado también un enlace al dossier del Magdalena sin fronteras III 2011. También recomendaron en su página el sitio del Magdalena Project.

Un abrazo,

Marion Coutarel announces that she will organize a Magdalena Event in Montpellier in Septembre 2015, with her theatre company, Theâtre de la Remise.

Further information will be available soon.

El teatro como espacio de representación. Las mujeres en ese espacio de representación. La dramaturgia de la representación en el teatro hecho por mujeres. El evento internacional Magdalena Sin Fronteras, que se celebra cada tres años en la ciudad de Santa Clara, Cuba, tiene muchas posibles definiciones y el gran objetivo de pensar en colectivo, de debatir la naturaleza del trabajo que reúne a las mujeres sobre la escena.

donations appeal

A limited-edition book documenting the Tantidhatri Festival (2012) is going to be published. This was both the first Magdalena festival, and the first international women's performing arts festival, in India.

Hi Magdalenas! I would like to introduce myself: My name is Beatriz, I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but I moved to Spain 10 years ago.

Recently, I had the chance to participate at the Magdalena Festival A Solas in Madrid, and the experience got me inspired to go back to Caracas and promote a Magdalena there.

A new feature on this web site is a Bibliography.

This is the beginning of what we hope will become a large and comprehensive collection of books, articles, videos and other publications about or referring to the Magdalena Project, its activities and associated festivals and activities - a very useful resource for anyone researching the Magdalena Project.

Stacy Klein, Founder and Artistic Director of Double Edge Theatre, has received the prestigious 2013 Artist Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Klein is among only twenty artists nationwide and the only Massachusetts artist chosen by the foundation to receive the $225,000, multi-year grant. The transformative award is intended to empower, invest in and celebrate artists who have demonstrated “thrilling, vibrant work that affects both audiences and the larger performing arts field.”