Unlimited Festival artist Kaite O’Reilly and Oberon Books recently published a new collection of plays for atypical actors.


In this video interview and the accompanying blog, Kaite speaks to The British Council about why we need to push for cultural change. Her collection, Atypical Plays for Atypical Actors, includes the plays: peeling, The Almond and the Seahorse, In Water I’m Weightless, the 9 Fridas and Cosy.

Following our projects in Azerbaijan in February and Lebanon in March, Bond Street Theatre was back on the road this summer, traveling to Greece in August, Malaysia in September, Afghanistan in November, and a return to Myanmar in December, thanks to

Helen Varley Jamieson

Our program of feminist philanthropy and our edition “They inspire and motivate us” continues with presenting you the cyber artist Helen Varley Jamieson.


Organización: Marta Perez


Mesa y reflexión: El género en las artes escénicas

Intervienen: Amaranta Osorio (México-España-Francia), Marifé Santiago (Segovia), María Armesto y Mariana Carballal (Galicia)

The 2016 International Centre for Women Playwrights 50/50 Applause Awards:

Celebrating Gender Parity on Five Continents for our 5th Anniversary!

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the short-film to the new production # FRIENDSHIP can now be seen at

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PRESS: Powerful images with three ladders and a rope

interview with Julia Varley

Reconstruction Women’s fund announces the interview with Julia Varley:

Solidarity is a way of standing beside another person, to exchange, give and receive.

Performance Research Vol. 22, No. 4 (August 2017)

‘On the Maternal’

Proposal Deadline: Monday 19 September 2016

Issue Editors: Lena Šimić and Emily Underwood-Lee

to Continue Theatre Development in Myanmar

Bond Street Theatre Awarded Global Connections Grant from TCG to Continue Theatre Development in Myanmar

Margaret Cameron's posthumously published book "I Shudder to Think: performance as philosophy" has been reviewed in RealTime Arts (June-July 2016) by Keith Gallasch: