I would like to tell my dear colleges and friends about the Nisville Jazz Theater Festival and invite you to send me, inform me, contact me about your work that I can first, know what are you doing, thinking, needing, loving …

Kordula Lobeck de Fabris writes that although she has officially retired, she is still enjoying dreaming up projects, and invites the Magdalena network to participate in a collaborative project on the theme "I need to say ... | Her Secret".

A week prior to performing Organic Theatre’s Flanker Origami at Transit 10 Festival, I start decluttering the house ready to become the digital stage for the performance on Thursday 9th June, when at 9am (UK time) we were to connect with the Transit artists and participants gathered in Holstebro, Denmark.

This afternoon, I arrived at the house of Odin Teatret. I come back here after seven years, and many things have happened during this time ...

Esta tarde llegué a la casa del Odin Teatret. Vuelvo aquí después de siete años, y muchas cosas han acontecido en este tiempo ...

On behalf of the Brest theatre Kryly Khalopa, we declare that we condemn the military actions of Russia on the territory of Ukraine and we want peace!

Teater Kryly Halopa is no longer allowed to perfom in Belarus and is seeking opportunities to perform "Frau mit Automat" in other countries.

En septembre 2021, nous avons réalisé le 4ème - premier en version "en ligne"- Mestiza Festival, Chili. Le thème de cette édition était " Au-delà des limites", du fait que lorsque nous étions en cours de création et d'élaboration, nous nous sommes rendus compte que la pandémie avait contraint bon nombre d'entre nous à  étendre et réinventer nos horizons créatifs.

Em setembro de 2021 realizamos a 4ª e 1ª versão online do Festival Mestiza, Chile. Nosso tema foi 'Além do Limite', pois durante o processo de criação e curadoria, percebemos que a pandemia havia forçado muitas de nós a expandir e reinventar nossos horizontes criativos.

In September of 2021 we carried out the 4th, and 1st online, version of the Mestiza Festival, Chile. Our theme was 'Beyond the Limit' since during the process of creating it and curating it, we realized that the pandemic had forced many of us to expand and reinvent our creative horizons.


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