Balinese Topeng specialist

Different Cultures, different economic backgrounds coming together in artistic harmony – mask theatre and dance improvisation in Gazebo with Carmencita Palermo


We are launching an Indiegogo campaign to support Afghan Women's Voting Rights in preparation for the April 5, 2014 elections, and you can make a huge difference! 



“Notiziario” September is online

Il “Notiziario” per il mese di Settembre è online


Sede Legale: Teatro Comunale, Piazza Trento e Trieste 1, Fiuggi Città

the first meeting

The first meeting for the Magdalena Archive Project (M.A.P.) was held at Aberystwyth University over 12-13 September 2013. The aim of the meeting was to begin to plan for the long-term survival and accessibility of the large amount of material that has been generated since the project began in 1986.

A film produced by Jill Greenhalgh and Sara Penrhyn Jones.

Depicting the Magdalena Project in one film seems impossible, considering its historic and geographical spread, and its multilingual and evolving nature. Magdalena is a thirty minute documentary, created as a collaboration between Magdalena Founding Artistic Director, Jill Greenhalgh, and filmmaker Sara Penrhyn Jones.

thesis by Marisa Naspolini

Marisa Naspolini, the director of Vertices Brasil, has completed her doctoral thesis entitled Moving borders: nomadic subjectivity and interstitial spaces within The Magdalena Project – Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina.

in/Visible Women



Calling Artists for a women in performance event, whatever

 your genre: theatre, circus, song, dance, spoken word




Election Fraud Mitigation Project

Help us get this show on the road!

Fit to Burst CIC

Fit to Burst is a dynamic new theatre company that makes magical performances with heart for everyone. We create visually exciting and moving devised theatre, innovative participatory projects and surprising theatrical events.

We are making our first show 'Last night I met you dreaming' and are looking for investors and venues to support it's development. For more information please see below.


Last night I met you dreaming

Dear friends of WPI and all participants of the Stockholm Conference!
Through the link below, you'll find STAGING SISTERHOOD, the documentary magazine made by FUL, the Swedish feminist artist collective that followed the conference on the very spot. - click on the link in the margin to the right.
It's a 48 pages document, hopefully easy for you