Transit Festival Archives collects documents, film, audio and photographic material about the International Theatre Festival and Meeting directed by Julia Varley.

Bond St Theatre working with Nangarhar Provincial Theatre

Michael and Joanna of Bond St Theatre are near the end of their project in Afghanistan:

"As of this writing our male and female teams of the Nangahar Provincial Theatre have three performances each under their shalwar kameezes! As of this morning our women's team has performed at the Support Center for Widows, the AFCECO safe house for children, and this morning at the Nangarhar Women’s Prison.

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Exercises on the crossing - National Day C.Re.S.Co. / Coordination of the World of Contemporary Theatre


Jandira Testa, who performed in Para Dores Femininas at Transit VI, 2009, passed away at the beginning of April, 2012. Fabricio from Casa das Fases writes:

'thinking to the city and its culture'

"I chose to speak of L'Aquila, today, through a passage from Valico di città/ Crossing the

with Deborah Hunt & the Jasonites

Due to cancellations, we have a few more places for the workshop: AGELESS GIANTS - CROSSING 1
15 April - 15 May 2012

A one month course and practical intervention led by Deborah Hunt and The Jasonites (artists in residence at Odin Teatret), with the supervision of Julia Varley

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red latinoamericana de mujeres en el arte contemporáneo


last days to apply for Vértice Brasil


Car@s Amig@s! Dear Friends!

As inscrições para o Vértice Brasil 2012 - T(i)erra Firme estão abertas de 05 a 31 de março de 2012!