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Debido a la pandemia del Covid 19  los planes cambiaron y se suspendieron proyectos que teníamos en marcha en nuestro espacio cultural @espacooposte, así como la gira del espectáculo 'Ombela' @ombelaespetaculo en Angola. Escribe Nazaré (Naná) Sodré da Silva ...

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, plans were changed, the ongoing projects in our cultural space @espacooposte were suspended, as well as the tour of the performance "Ombela" @ombelaespetaculo to Angola, writes Nazaré (Naná) Sodré da Silva ... 

Quero expressar o meu contentamento em compartilhar um pouco das minhas práticas nesse espaço, pois as vivenciais com a Rede Magdalena me atravessam profundamente, gratidão a todas, escreve Nazaré (Naná) Sodré da Silva ...

Ya-Ling Peng reports on an intercultural exchange between Taiwan and Latin American countries during 2019, and the response of rural villagers to sharing their traditional songs with artists from Argentina, Colomia, Ecuador and France.

El siguiente texto fue presentado por Julia Varley en la celebración de vida de nuestra querida amiga, Mette Jensen, el 2 de marzo en Holstebro, Dinamarca.

I have been thinking a lot lately about methods and ways of working. I asked questions on how we, as, artist, exist in a space and what is this space? Perhaps my reflection is more about how do we as an artist, provoke change and whether we can create an ecological system of rigour and sustainability in our practice?

Christina Fornaciairi writes about “O Levante International Festival of Women on Stage”, which took place from September 9 to 15, 2019 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; "bringing difference and repetition, tradition and renewal, “O Levante!” provided a harmonious and non-repressive space, raising the intensity of life, something exceptional nowadays. May other editions come!"

É uma alegria receber o convite para falar de “O Levante! Festival Internacional de Mulheres em Cena”, que ocorreu entre os dias 9 e 15 de setembro de 2019 em Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Unindo diferença e repetição, tradição e renovação, “O Levante!” proporcionou um espaço de convívio harmonioso e não repressivo, elevou o grau de intensidade da vida, algo excepcional nos dias de hoje. Que venham outras edições!

The inspiration

In 2006 I received an email. It was an invitation to perform in a festival in Denmark. The name of the festival was Transit festival for 2007 January. The theme was “Stories to be Told”. The mail was from the director of the Festival, Julia Varley. As I was reading the mail my heart was filled with great enthusiasm. In those years I was working on story telling with singing, dancing and painted canvas. I thought it was perfect for me to be there. I already had prepared work at my hand.

Can we still be enthusiastic today? The question seems almost indecent, in a world of noise and fury, suffocating with conflict, destruction, and all kinds of unbelievable violence. And yet...

Peut-on être encore enthousiaste aujourd'hui ? La question semble presque indécente, dans un monde de bruit et de fureur, suffoquant de conflits, destructions, et autres violences inimaginables. Et pourtant ... Français ci-dessous


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