Magdalena 1995: Mothers of Invention

TitleMagdalena 1995: Mothers of Invention
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsSoule, LWade
JournalNew Theatre Quarterly
Start Page85
Date Published02/1996
Publication LanguageEnglish

Documentation of the Magdalena Project event "Mothers of Invention", 28 August till 3 September 1995 in Cardiff, Wales.

"This event, unique in the history of British theatre, took place in Cardiff. In the appropriate setting of a converted church, Magdalena met madonnas-cum-performers. There were three parts: a group of workshops, a cluster of performances by and/or about mothers, and a week symposium. All these explored and bridged aspects of the personal and political issues of motherhood, as well as the relationship of mothers to their work as theatre makers."