"Women Say Enough!" in Haiti


BST teamed up with FAVILEK (Women Victims Get Up, Stand Up) again this Spring to create Fanm Yo Di Ase! (Women Say Enough!). The show confronts the continued violence and instability that women face in Haiti and especially in the tent camps where over 400,000 people still live two years after the devastating earthquake.

FAVILEK performance 2012
FAVILEK performs a piece about violence after the 2010 earthquake.

Anna, Christina, and Josh worked closely with 11 FAVILEK members, aged 20-60, building on the 2011 BST training and helping the women to create an uplifting and thought-provoking performance.  The performance, Women Say Enough!, is a call to action for all Haitians to stop violence against women and to "replace violence with respect." The play was performed in a tent camp, neighborhood communities, local NGOs, and on national Haitian TV.

FAVILEK has been working tirelessly to bring Haitian women's voices into the international dialogue and to improve conditions in Haiti.  Following our work, they reported a renewed confidence in their fight for women's rights: "We feel so much stronger now!"

FAVILEK is poised to continue performances throughout Haiti, and has begun to teach theatre to young girls and former sex workers, counseling and helping them to make better choices for their lives.  

We look forward to working further with these amazing women and with other groups in Haiti.