Say my name...

George, Breonna, Ahmaud, Sandra, Tamir, Eric, Philando, Michael, Tanisha...
Bond St Theatre - Say my name

The Afghan girls in the photo above call out their names - one at a time - and the group echos - a powerful acknowledgement of their individuality and life!
Many girls never hear their names said aloud.
"Yes, I am me... I am Marzia"
Remember these names and these lives as if they were your own!
Bond Street Theatre has been amplifying marginalized voices in crisis areas around the world for more than 30 years... and we continue!
Systemic racism is a global social injustice. We want our country to stand as an example of justice! Now is our chance to act on our better natures. This time of vulnerability and pain can be a moment of hope that we can create a more empathetic, kind world.
We have many projects for social justice in the works: in Tunisia working with youth against violent extremism, continuing our programs with Rohingya refugee women in Malaysia, and initiating healing arts programs with Syrian refugees in Jordan.
In October, we plan to work with Rape Crisis Trust in South Africa on a theatre presentation for the "16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence".
Let's hope the world is healthy and we can be there!
Theatre and arts activists around the world energize people to be involved in their communities, understand the stakes and stakeholders, and take positive action. 
That's where change happens.  
We are deeply committed to making the world a better place for everyone of every race, creed, age, gender, and ability. We have one world; let's take care of it!
-- with love from the Bond Street Theatre team