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Autumn 2012


Paris    &   Malerargues
Roy Hart Centre


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Open Doors
Saturday 22 and 29  from 10am to 1pm
Paris Workshop

October 15 to November 24 / 6 weeks / Pantheatre / Roy Hart yearly professional training workshop.

 Voice Performance, Singing and Choreographic Theatre

Anna Griève : Lessons in Dramaturgy, through the analysis of two Brothers Grimm fairy tales. October 31 and November 3 (times to be confirmed)

 Nick Hobbs : Voice Performances - an anthology from the lectures delivered from 2000 to 2010 - with audio and video recordings. November 7, 3pm
PerformancesDaniela Molina & PF Blanchard | Laura Fuentes | Sophie Gourjon | Aurélia Hannagan
between October 29 and November 5 (dates to be confirmed.)
Saturday 9:30 to 12:30. Linda Wise: singing & breathing techniques, theatrical & musical expressivity. Weekly from October 6.
 Mardi 10:00 - 12:30. Voice improvisation atelier. Direction Linda Wise & Izidor Leitinger. Advanced level. Weekly from October 9.
 Enrique Pardo : performance ateliers & projects and/or « Roy Hart » voice teachers training.
26 - 29 September

Linda Wise - "The Voice - a point of view". Contact: Annikki Scheu

16 17 18 Novembre

Enrique Pardo - "Krisis": Teatro Coreografico & Performance Vocale.
Teatro del Vigentino / Isabella Cremonesi.

Enero 2013
Linda Wise con Annie Murath, Daniela Molina y Pierre-François Blanchard.
Contacto: Daniela Molina (Paris), Annie Murath (Santiago)
Marzo 2013
Linda Wise en Buenos Aires. Theatre-Organic


Paris (Octobre to April) : workshops, lectures & performances take place at Studio DTM   6 rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris 11e
M° St Ambroise

Malérargues Roy Hart  International Artistic Centre (May to September) : Château de Malérargues,
30140 THOIRAS - Southern France.  PHOTOS