Great to see strong female role models in space!

Short character vignette for the web series FRONTIER GUARD.  I play Major Hemela Strayteb, an alien-human hybrid with a shadowy past and some strange powere...have a look:





exchange meeting of theatre groups


Festival - Encuentro  Internacional de Teatro de Grupos / 3° Generación.
International Festival- Exchange Meeting of Theatre Groups/ 3 Generation.

- Encuentro Teatral de Grupos, entrenamiento, producción.
Meeting of Theatre Groups, training, production.

- Talleres, seminarios, máster class (abierto a estudiantes e interesados)Workshops, seminars, master class (open to students and anyone interested)

BOND STREET THEATRE - Theatre for Peace in Afghanistan, Burma, and Haiti


Performance at Women's Prison

Jan 6th-12th 2012

"a ground-breaking week"
Jeff Ginsberg, Professor of Theatre, Columbia College of Chicago

Program Description

40 Years of Reconsidering Performance, Feminism, Alternative Spaces


Foreword by Kate Fowle. Introduction by Moira Roth. Text by Martha Wilson.

call for scholarly essays on performance, dance, film, new media, and the performance of everyday life from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives
Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory seeks scholarly essays on performance, dance, film, new media, and the performance of everyday life from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives.  We encourage dialogues between varied fields of performance scholarship (i.e., performance studies; theatre, dance, and music history and criticism; ethnography; cinema and cultural studies; as well as queer and post-colonial theory), and explore critiques of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, technology, and nation. The journal is a peer-reviewed, tri-annual publication with fo

Teatro*lila presenta

Magfest gener-AZIONI

25-27 novembre 2011

Il Magfest incontra Torino

Komische structuren en personages

Intensieve COMMEDIA DELL´ARTE workshop

Een workshop om de creatie van komische personajes en situaties uit te oefenen door de klassieke technieken van de Commedia dell´ Arte.
Gericht op acteurs, dancers, theaterstudenten, docenten en iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de Commedia.

Ay Ombe Theatre´s Performance Autology intensive

International Ay Ombe Theatre Retreat

Building Creative Communities: PETA’S Theater for Advocacy Work in Mekong compiles the experiences of Mekong creative communities in addressing gender and sexuality issues. It tackles the spread of virulent diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS, and how the subregion’s cultural strenghts are harnessed in a bid to curb them.
The 246-page book summarizes the five-year work of the PETA Mekong Partnership Program, which in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, facilitated inspiring encounters with Mekong artists and groups in the Greater Mekong Subregion.