Né Serva né Padrona

Neither Maid nor Mistress
8 March 2019 to 9 March 2019
droll conference on women of the Commedia dell'Arte by and with Claudia Contin Arlecchino
A show dedicated to the female figures of the Commedia dell'Arte and their emancipation, begun in the sixteenth century, and which still today inspires contemporary actresses.
The Italian Commedia dell'Arte was the first revolution, since the sixteenth century, against the ancient feminine condition of censure and condemnation, that prevented women's access to the profession of actors and comedians in general. This sort of Renaissance "comic revolution" had the merit of opening new and extraordinary possibilities to the condition of women, because it laid the foundations of their claims in the professions, in independence and in rights.
in program:
Friday, March 8 - 2019: CANEVA
at 8.45 pm
Villa Frova
Piazza San Marco, Stevenà di Caneva (PN) Italy
as part of the "Women's Day 2019" initiative
cel. +39.338.9411796 - office +39.0434.79027
Saturday, March 9 - 2019: PRATA DI PORDENONE
at 9:00 pm
Pileo Theater
Via Cesare Battisti 53 - Prata di Pordenone (PN) Italy
as part of the "Theatrical Season at Pileo" initiative
tel. +39.0434.932725 - cel. +39.348.3009028
email info: 
Saturday, March 16 - 2019: PONTERANICA
at 9:00 pm
Municipal Auditorium
Via Valbona 73 - Ponteranica (BG) Italy
as part of the "Theater Season 2018-2019" initiative
Tel. +39.035.573876 - Cell. +39.347.7336567

Ne Serva Ne Padrona

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