Inside the Wild Heart

An Immersive Theatrical Experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector
3 November 2016 to 20 November 2016
Immersive Gallery
An Immersive Theatrical Experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector

In the year of its fifth anniversary Group .BR presents Inside the Wild Heart. Best known for its previous theatrical play that had pay homage to Brazilian artists such as Nelson Rodrigues and Vinícius de Moraes, NY’s only Brazilian theater company brings now this piece inspired and based on the life and works of Brazilian-Jewish writer Clarice Lispector.

Famous for her private personality and intense self-seeking writing style, Lispector has been considered the most important Jewish writer since Kafka. Group .BR invites the public to discover Clarice Lispector’s heart through an immersive performance; a sensorial experimentation of Lispector’s deepest words.

The play is directed by Regina Miranda, best known for her beautiful work as choreographer and as director of Arts & Culture for Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS, who had the opportunity to know Clarice Lispector herself. Group .BR co-founders Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini are behind the concept of the play along with Miranda’s staging.

Inside the Wild Heart premiers on November 3rd at Immersive Gallery with presentations happening from Thursdays to Sundays at 8pm, until November 20.

You can buy your tickets and/or make a donation to help Inside the Wild Heart’s production accessing the company's website:

Immersive Gallery is located at 132 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

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