Far Flung A Capella

news from Helen Chadwick

This weekend three Scotland singers and I are leading singing and improv workshops on line on Friday and Saturday evenings. Details from Ali Mills alimills.amarilla@me.com

Further away still, this week I've invited singers from Brazil, Italy and Spain to collaborate on some song creation using apps. 

These months have involved learning to record solo at home, but the content has not been from home. This is a song that is inspired by the ideas and images of those living in the Wye Valley under Covid. It was committed by the Wye Valley River Festival. Will It Ever Be The Same Again?

Each month, I have been composing and recording an end credit song for a monologues by Anna Reynolds about extraordinary women who fly. The first four films can be seen here Nothing on Earth Shorts

SOON: A new website with scores, lots of new songs released and two very different workshops, each with a new collaborator. 

Helen Chadwick

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