21 September 2022
Università di Pavia
"We do not write stories to tell about the creation or the course of the world, but to avert its end."

Combining performance, installation and game design, Eutopia calls into question outmoded biological, ecological and anthropological models to transform the theatre into a big action table. Around it, spectators are invited to a participatory experience whose results, always different, are the outcome of their own individual contributions. Collective action, as fundamental as it is ephemeral, is used as instrument to delineate possible worlds that host narratives and visions in which the human and the non-human intertwine – to then recompose a jagged geography of multispecies landscapes in continuous transformation.

[...] The spectators of Eutopia suddenly feel like astronauts because they have have to abandon the anthropocentric conception of the Earth and adopt innovative points of view of their surroundings. 
Stratagemmi prospettive teatrali (Italy)

Genre: participatory theatre
Duration: 100'
Languages: available in English, German and Italian
Age group: 10+

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Trickster-p - Eutopia | Teaser 2 from Giulia Lenzi on Vimeo.

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