Bitch On Heat

By Leah Shelton, Directed by Ursula Martinez
5 December 2019 to 14 December 2019
Soho Theatre London

Steamier than a freshly laid dog turd, this show shits all over the patriarchy. Step right in it!

Absurdist lip-synch meets high-camp performance art in this pop-fuelled critique of sexual politics in the age of implied consent. 

Welcome to the doghouse. Beware. This Bitch bites. 


Brought to you by the Producers of the smash hit Hot Brown Honey.
Created by Leah Shelton (Terror Australis, La Clique, Little Death Club, Polytoxic).
Directed by UK performance art royalty Ursula Martinez.

“an all-guns blazing, brute force demolition of sexual politics”

★★★★★ (Gutter Culture)


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