Art, Memory and Healing

International Festival Magdalena 2nd Generation
24 November 2021 to 28 November 2021
Online and Buenos Aires
International festival meeting - 7th Edition

Our 7th edition is mixed modality - PRESENT / VIRTUAL

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The festival is supported by the National Insitute of Theatre
Organisation and production: Magdalena 2a. Generacion

Arte, Memoria y Sanación 2021First fundamental decision: our VII Encuentro Festival will be with Latin American artists. Hence the countries chosen: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina. Hence also the choice of the theme of study and reflection and the theme of the meeting: Art, memory and healing. We wish to look for the roots of this chosen theme in our continent. Here is the wisdom.
Art, Memory and Healing understood in this way:

Art: Theatre
Memory: a history constructed through a genealogy of women.
Healing: transformation, mutation

"Ñoqaq aychay
Aychaymi manan
Aycahaymi manam maqanakunapaqch"

"My body
My body is not
My body is not a field
My body is not a battlefield!"

(Text from Kay Punku, this door, yesterday, today, tomorrow)

A certainty: the healing power of theatre.
Encounter and empathy.
Alchemy of art. If one woman heals, we all heal through her.
This is our wish, our work for this VII International Festival Magdalena 2nd Generation:
Art, memory and healing.

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