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We already have a new page for the Frau! There you can watch the trailer of the performance and read essential information. We have English, Polish, German subtitles already, so we will be happy to be invited to the festivals and to your theatres to perform.


On behalf of the Brest theatre Kryly Khalopa, we declare that we condemn the military actions of Russia on the territory of Ukraine and we want peace!

Teater Kryly Halopa is no longer allowed to perfom in Belarus and is seeking opportunities to perform "Frau mit Automat" in other countries.

Premiere of Frau Mit Automat in Poland!
The Kryly Khalopa theatre was repressed and closed in Belarus by the authorities, but we continue to work. The team worked on the performance in theater residences in Prague and Dresden, some of the project participants were forced to leave Belarus. Despite all the difficulties, our premiere will take place on September 25 in Wegaity theatre village (Olsztyn) and October 5 in Lublin (Poland)!


Queridas Magdalenas, le escribo una carta desde Brest, Bielorrusia. Quiero compartir mis sentimientos de vida entre el COVID-19 y la revolución.

Queridas Magdalenas, escrevo à vocês uma carta de Brest, Bielorrúsia. Eu quero compartilhar minhas sensações da vida entre o COVID-19 e a revolução.

Dear Magdalenas, I am writing you a letter from Brest, Belarus. I want to share my feelings of life between COVID-19 and revolution.

Brest Stories Guide made by theatre Kryly Khalopa was included in the top 10 of Art in Central Europe 2017.

To read more, follow the link:

The interview with Aksana Haiko from the Belarusian theatre Kryly Khalopa for the Open Democracy. How the theatre works with the memory.

Amnesia: a key feature of Belarusian memory

In 2016, the theater “Kryly Khalopa” began the project Brest Stories Guide – a series of documentary audio performances in the city space.


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