Gostaria de me apresentar a todas vocês e como cheguei aqui! 

Tomei conhecimento do Madalena Project em 2018 através do convite feito pela amiga, curadora e produtora Paola Velucci, juntamente com Eveline Costa e Andjelic Jadranka para participar do Festival Multicidade em 2018 no Rio de Janeiro. Neste momento tive a oportunidade de me aproximar da Jill Greenhalgh. 

Maristella Martella escreve sobre os pequenos prazeres do lockdown e as inesperadas descobertas que ela fez experimentando a dança online e através da câmera.

Maristella Martella escribe sobre los pequeños placeres del confinamiento y de los descubrimientos inesperados que hizo,  experimentando con la danza en línea, y a través de una webcam.

Maristella Martella writes about the little pleasures of the lockdown, and the unexpected discoveries she has made through experimenting with dance online and through the webcam.

Sandra Pasini thinks back on the year that has passed with a mixture of different emotions: a rediscovered peace and more time with the close family, long phone calls with friends, long walks in deeper contact with nature and at the same time she feels a kind of uneasiness about not knowing what the future will bring.

When I read the introduction of “Stones of Water” by Julia Varley, written in feminine I was shocked, this book suddenly opened for me another possible reality: a world where we, women, are considered and named in the evocative words. The text is also an invitation for men to feel themselves included in these feminine words. An excellent politic action, to make us visible – I thought.

Quando li a introdução do livro Pedras d'água de Julia Varley escrito no feminino, me ocorreu de repente de me encontrar diante de outra realidade possível: um mundo onde nós mulheres também existimos nas palavras e um convite aos homens para se sentirem incluídos nas palavras femininas. Um excelente ato político para nos tornar visíveis, pensei.

Cuando leí la introducción del libro Piedras de Agua de Julia Varley escrita en femenino me golpeó para ubicarme de súbito frente a otra posible realidad: un mundo donde también nosotras, mujeres existimos en la palabra y una invitación a los hombres a sentirse incluidos en vocablos femeninos. Un excelente acto político para visibilizarnos, pensé.

Adapting performance work and research into an experimental digital form due to Covid-19 affected not only the creative processes, but also the encounter between the three performers/researchers (Madeleine Worrall, John Dean and myself) who, having only met online, set up to explore how to retain liveness in (current) digital performance practice between August and October 2020.

"The last but one Magdalena At Home, the one I attended, gave me a lot to think about. I think the aha-moment for me came when one woman spoke of her practice – something she does every day. I like that. Very much. At the heart of theatre is – daily practice" writes Barbara Schaefer.


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